Normally I’m not a fan of hermaphrodites, they tend to do neither job really well.  But maybe this is an exception.    Does this make sense to anyone?  Read More →

Ok, this buggy has wheels and can roll along.  Lets start adding content and stuff.    Every agency ought to have some one who can put in events etc.    There will be a learning curve on everyone’s part, but that’s the joy of it.    Come on in, the water’s fine.Read More →

The website has been transferred to its own contract.   There was a small hitch in the process and it wasn’t functional for a few days.  But it’s up and I’m going to start forging ahead.   I’ve got a segment for agencies with links to their pages.   (We might be able to save money by combining all of the hosting etc in this one account.  If you are interested, we can talk.    )    I see Events  segmenting something like this…              Mesa County Fire Chief’s Events (Meetings, Training,  Others)                          These we’ll put up descriptions etc.               Other events of interest ..   (State,Read More →

This is a work in progress not a completed or even functioning site, so don’t panic.   The site when accepted will belong to the Mesa County Fire Chiefs Association.   The immediate goal is to provide a scheduling system for events.  But since much more is possible.  Components for posting documents, pictures or whatever is available.   If you have comments, questions or anything else please call me:  Gene Dreher or Joe White (I’m sticking him with this too.)   If you are in the Mesa County Fire community you’ll be able to find us.  Read More →