The website has been transferred to its own contract.   There was a small hitch in the process and it wasn’t functional for a few days.  But it’s up and I’m going to start forging ahead.  

I’ve got a segment for agencies with links to their pages.   (We might be able to save money by combining all of the hosting etc in this one account.  If you are interested, we can talk.    ) 


I see Events  segmenting something like this…

             Mesa County Fire Chief’s Events (Meetings, Training,  Others)

                         These we’ll put up descriptions etc. 

             Other events of interest ..   (State, Other Counties, etc)

                          I figure that links to these would be ok.

          There’s also a natural division between  Fire and EMS .. 

        Can you think of any more?  


WEBSITE BEAUTIFUL  —-  Please, I picked this yellow because it was bright, not because it was good.   Someone must have some taste.  Help.

What else should we add to this .. ?

Security/access — Ideas?  

Call me or Joe..  or email us. 


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